Young People and Money

For parents I don't think there is anything more frustrating than trying to explain the value of money to children (of any age!)

For children especially teenagers, that do have some concept of the importance of money and saving for the future the frustration comes from the limited ways available to make that money grow.

Most kids put some money away into a savings account only to see a measly fraction of a percentage point earned in interest (if that!) Chances are after a couple years of little or no return your child will say, 'why bother?' and spend that money. Can't say as I blame them.

The key to avoiding this is education and alternatives to the low interest savings accounts. Which brings us to the purpose of this blog - to provide some alternatives and creative money management tips for teenagers.

So bookmark this site and check back regularly. The first step to a successful (and hopefully profitable) money management plan is education.

Remember different people have different ideas and different ways of making things happen. Some work better than others but you can learn something from all of them.