Jobs Teens Can Do To Make Some Money

Teens are in a tough position. They go to school, do homework and maybe play sports or have extracurricular classes in the evening.  They also desire 'things' which require money.

As parents we don't (or maybe can't) afford to just give them money for every whim.  As parents we have learned the hard way the cost of money.  Teens especially have many whims - from new video games and gaming platforms to that first car.  We need to encourage our teens to find some way to make their own money.

Jobs for teens:
  1. Paper route.  In many communities newspapers or flyers are hand delivered to residents. You might try inquiring at your newspaper offices or even the post office for delivery jobs.
  2. Odd jobs.  Make yourself known to your neighbors and especially the elderly in your community. Let them know you are available for odd jobs. I suggest you make up a flyer listing your skills, what you would charge and your contact information. Either hand deliver the flyer (this would be best) or leave it in their mail boxes.
  3. Bottle returns.  When we purchase beverages the containers come with a bottle deposit. When you return the bottles to a bottle depot you get a portion of the deposit back. Collect bottles from around your community to return. Again visit your neighbors and offer to return their bottles for 50% of the refund.
  4. Babysitting.  If you are responsible and like kids then take a short course on babysitting and make yourself know to those people in your community that have young children. Again make a flyer stating that you have taken the babysitting course, include your fee and contact information.
  5. Tutoring.  Are you smart in some subject in school? Present yourself as a tutor and help other kids. Along the same lines - if you know a second language then you are in a position to help people learn that language or to learn English.
  6. Pet walking/sitting.  Make a flyer and offer to walk pets or feed pets for people on vacation.
  7. Shovel walks.  People will pay you to shovel their walks and driveways. Let  them know you are available.
  8. Write. Do you like writing? There are plenty of places online to publish short articles and make a bit of money. Teach yourself to blog or write and publish an ebook to make some extra cash. This can be a bit slower but its something you can do from home.
  9. Do chores. Make an agreement with your parents to do some specific chores (or cleaning) in exchange for a weekly allowance or 'by the job' fee.
  10. Yard work. Visit your neighbors and offer to mow their grass, plant or weed their flowers, trim hedges or just do a basic yard clean up.
While teens do have some limitations related to location, transportation, knowledge and age, they are still able to work.  As long as they are ambitious they are only really limited by their imagination.

Parents of course, play a big role in what their teen does to earn extra money.  As a parent you need to be supportive and at the same time keep your child safe. Most of the job ideas presented above can be done within walking distance of home but some may require parent involvement. Teens need to respect that parents are busy and may not be able to drive them around.

As you can see, there are jobs out there for the ambitious/driven teen.  You need to focus on a plan and make it happen.