How To Make Money With A Blog Or Website

In my previous post we looked at some of the different ways you can make money on the Internet. If you didn't read it take a quick look now. - How To Make Money On The Internet

Although a website or blog is not necessary it is easier if you have your own to work on. That then is the topic of this post - making money with a website or blog.

 Step 1 - Choose your platform and create a blog or website.

There are many website and blog hosts available that you can choose from. They all have their good and bad points as do websites verses blogs. You will have to make the choice for yourself. As for whether you should create a website or a blog it is up to you.

Websites offer more freedom as far as choosing a URL and what you can publish. They also tend to have more tools and apps that you can work with. However, websites are more involved.

A blog (like this one) has more restrictions and publishing rules that you must follow but it is super easy to set up. This blog was created on which is a free blog operated by Google.

If this is your first attempt at creating a presence on the web then I would suggest a blog simply because it is the easiest. When you are ready to take over control of your content, advertising, etc. then make the move to a website.

Step 2 is to monetize your blog or website.

Whatever your topic there is someone out there with a related product. Use a site like to choose an affiliate product to promote on your site. Then use your affiliate link (that they provide) to promote and hopefully sell the product(s). keeps track of your sales and pays you the agreed upon percentage (usually around 80%) of the sale price.

Advertising space is another money maker for your site. is popular. If you have a blog on it is easy to activate. Other hosts make adding google ads fairly easy as well.

Call to action promotions. These can be found on sites like which offers a collection of networks with call to action promotions. Once you sign up for a network you can place links to their pages. If a person follows through with the specified action (entering email, purchase, contact information, click) you will be paid an agreed upon amount.

Step 3 - bring visitors to your site.

You can have the best site on the Internet but if no one visits you will not make any money. So you need traffic. This will probably be the hardest thing you have to do.

Your site is indexed in the search engines using lots of different criteria but the most important is traffic. If the search engine sees your site as popular (based on traffic) it will be indexed higher. Good SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword usage helps but if you want immediate traffic then you need to go to a traffic exchange such as Hit2Hit or EasyHits4U. These sites give you credits for viewing different sites for a specific length of time. You do all of this from their website. They provide a digital count down followed by a matching question (to insure a human is doing the viewing). When the time hits 0 you click on the matching object then points (called credits) are credited to your account and another page is loaded for you to view. Your credits are then used to get views to your site in the same way. The time you view the site is from 6 - 40 seconds. These two sites also pay you a nominal fee for your activity as well as bonus credits.

Be aware that google adsense does not like traffic exchanges so you would want to disable the advertising while you are using the exchanges.

In a nutshell, that is how you would make money with a blog or website on the Internet. In future posts I will go into more detail about the usage of affiliate marketing, advertising and traffic exchanges to make money.