Make Money Writing Articles For The Internet

I touched on article writing as a way to make money on the Internet in my previous article - How To Make Money On The Internet This post will expand on those ideas.

Article writing doesn't require you to have a blog or website. So what can you do with an article?
  •  You can write articles, save them on your computer, then sell them to websites that need content. Simply do a search for 'articles needed', 'writers wanted',  or search some job data bases to come up with potential writing jobs.
  • Self publish your article and earn shared income from advertising. There are no end of article directories that will publish your articles in return for a percentage of the advertising income your articles earn. Here are two sites that I personally use:
    • Triond  This is my personal favorite. When you join Triond (which is free) you set up your personal profile, add your links to Twitter and Facebook and decide if you want to show Google ads. Now write articles, poetry, short stories, recipes on any topic you want using  their publishing platform (its very easy) and publish it. You article goes through a screening where it is checked for originality and quality. The sites rules will tell you want exactly is not allowed. If it passes it will be published. You earn money per so many page views and when someone clicks on one of the ads associated with your page. Your Google adsense earnings will show up in your Google account but Triond will pay you every 30 days. You can put links in your articles to other articles or products you are promoting however your article can not look like a sales letter.
    • HubPages  At HubPages you join for free and create your profile, including links to Facebook and Google advertising if you want. Very similar to Triond's signup. Here the article pages are called Hubs. You can add links and pictures as long as your Hub doesn't become an advertisement. You get paid for clicks on advertising and page views.
  • Get paid to write about a specific topic and post it on your website or blog. As long as you meet the requirements of the job the advertiser will usually let you be creative. This type of job could include product reviews, product promotion or new releases. You are paid for the job once your article has been accepted by the advertiser and it is posted on your site. is an example of one such site that makes this type of job available to you.
When it comes to writing article, how you use them can be worth more to you than want the actual article earns you. By publishing articles in various places around the Internet you are reaching different people. Now if you have links in your articles that point back to your website or blog you are bringing traffic to yourself as well as improving your SEO with back links.

If you like to write then article writing is a great way to express yourself and publishing on sites like Triond or HubPages gives you the freedom to write what you want.