How To Make Money With Traffic Exchanges

Don't overlook the power of traffic exchanges or pay-to-click sites when it comes to making money on the Internet.

Let's first look briefly at what these two types of sites are then I will let you in on the secret to making money using both of them.

First, a pay-to-click site is exactly that. You are paid cash for clicking on and viewing a web page for a specific amount of time. In the example I will show you, you get paid for viewing sites for 3-60 seconds. Usually you would get $0.001 to $0.02 per view.

Now, a traffic exchange is similar in that you are still viewing pages for allotted periods of time. The difference is that you earn credits that you then spend on that traffic exchange site to send traffic to one of your pages on the Internet. Usually you receive no cash however, some sites will pay you per 1000 views or so.

So, how do you make any money at this?

Obviously, the pay-to-click sites you simply view pages. With the traffic exchange sites your income is a bit more vague. For example, you use a traffic exchange site to drive traffic to your website or affiliate link. The increased traffic with increase your ranking with the search engines since your site now looks more popular. From the new traffic to your site you may get additional clicks or purchases of your affiliate products.

Need a proven plan to follow?

Step 1.  Go to the following 4 sites and join them - they are all free with optional upgrades:
Step 2.  Use the sites. At ClixSense view all the ads that are sent to you. Do the grid and sign up for the surveys if you want then watch your balance grow. The other 3 sites are traffic exchanges so make sure you include your link to an affiliate product or your website. (If you need a page to promote you could use this one.) View some sites and watch your credit balance grow. All 3 traffic exchange sites offer bonuses periodically as use are using them. Try to spend about half an hour at each site or give yourself a target to reach each day. FYI - the bonuses generally become more valuable the more you view.

Step 3. Promote your affiliate links to the exchanges you have joined. Promote your links on your social networking sites. Send out an email to your friends that might be interested. Put your links on the traffic exchanges, blog posts, comment sections, etc. Just get your links out there and promote it.

That's it. Easy right? Sign up, be active, promote your links. Where you will really see some big income is when someone signs up through your link. You will get a commission and you will get paid for every click or view your referral makes. The best part is you will get this through numerous tiers or levels of referrals.

Give this plan an honest 30 day trial. Put your time in viewing and promoting your links. It does work. Remember you will get out of it what you put in.

Good luck.