How To Make Money With Referrals

Referrals are the key to long term income. Setting yourself up to make the most of your referrals is fairly easy. But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.

Lets start with a simple definition of a referral.

Referral - someone who joins a program offered by another site through a link from you.

Each site has its own referral structure. For example some sites may pay you a percentage of the income earned by your referral. Sometimes you get a flat rate referral fee. Sometimes you get both. Different sites may pay you for multiple levels of referrals. For example you refer a person who then signs up someone, who signs up someone else. Each successive person is another level and you will often earn from all the levels.

Triond - publishing site. This site allows you to self publish original, unique content in any format and in almost any topic. It is free to join and pays you monthly regardless of how much you earn. It also has a referral program. You earn 10% of your referrals income (paid by Triond) excluding Google Adsense, for as long as your referral remains a member.

ClixSense - a pay to click site. This site pays you to click on advertising they display for you. They have free membership and paid membership that offer different pay rates for referrals and ad clicking. When you refer someone to this site you could earn in several ways - from their clicks, membership purchase, purchase of credits, upgrades and from their referrals.

EasyHits4U - a traffic exchange site. They pay you cash per 1000 sites you view. You also earn credits per site you view. You use your credits to have people view your site. They pay you cash for your referrals that view 100 sites as well as credits. You get commissions on EasyHits4U products that your referrals purchase as well as credits for your referrals referrals.

These are three sites that pay decent referral fees. I am a member of all these sites and as you guessed the links are my referral links (just in case you wanted to support this site). If you have a blog or website you probably should be using these sites to generate traffic and build links.

Growing your referrals is a matter of getting your links out there for the public to view. Write some articles and include your links or include links (where allowed) in the comment section of relevant blogs. Social networking on sites like Twitter or Facebook are another spot to put your affiliate links.

If you make a habit of putting a link or two in whatever you publish online then you will be able to grow your referral list. Eventually, you should be able to see some decent income from your referrals alone.

Building a referral list takes time and some work on your part (to get your links out there and to promote them). So be patient. Good things come to those who do the leg work.